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About the Artist

Debbie Weimert is an internationally known, award winning doll and figurative artist. She has been published in numerous magazines. Her artistic growth into figurative sculpting started in 2003 when she became interested in One of a Kind (OOAK) artdolls. This Maryland artist is well aware of her eclectic muse and overactive imagination. The daydreaming that used to get her into trouble as a child, now is the vehicle that brings forth the magical creatures that she sculpts. She has a fantastic gift of bringing those daydreams to life. She also brings dragons and other fantasy creatures to life through acrylic paint pouring.

She also brings her daydreams to life by maneuvering alcohol inks into beautiful paintings.


This is what the artist has to say of herself:

“How do you explain who you are without looking into the depths of your soul from whence your dreams come? A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, I am all of these and more. A Christian, a doll collector, a baseball fan, an artist, I am all of these and more. I am me. I am a one of a kind. There is no one else exactly like me.

How precious are the thoughts of God that I find hidden everywhere. It is on those thoughts that my imaginaton thrives. It is those thoughts that make me who I am and bring my art work to life. It is the fantastic imagination that He has blessed me with. How can I not create? I create to honor The Creator.”

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