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Thank you for visiting my DayDreamerDebbie sales page for One of a Kind (OOAK) artdolls  by artist Debbie Weimert. Please enjoy your time here and be sure to visit my other art pages.

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Your order will be shipped no later than 3 days after full payment (for the item and shipping) is received.

If you would like more information send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Piece is not marked "sold" until payment is confirmed.

First come, first serve. First person that pays is the one who owns the doll.

PeterPan (4).jpg

"Peter Pan- The Place Between Sleep and Awake"

“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you Peter Pan. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”

Peter Pan is 8 inches in his sitting position. (He would be 14 inches if standing). His head hands and feet are sculpted out of polymer clay. He has a soft sculptured body that is built on a strong wire armature. His hair is soft wool that is a beautiful ginger red. His features are hand painted with Genesis heat set paint. His clothing is completely hand made just for him from head to toe. Materials are leather and silk. His knife has a sterling silver blade and a mother of pearl handle. It is a flea market find. He holds a picture frame with a picture of Wendy in it.

Peter’s shadow is constructed with leather. It is strong and slightly poseable. It can be detached from the green wooden base.


RufflesTheClown OOAK Artdoll
RufflesTheClown (3).JPEG
RufflesTheClown (7).JPEG
RufflesTheClown (4).JPEG
RufflesTheClown (2).JPEG
RufflesTheClown (11).JPEG
RufflesTheClown (5).JPEG

Ruffles the Clown

Ruffles the Clown is a mixed media art doll. His head and neck are sculpted out of Prosculpt polymer clay painted with Genesis heat set paints. His body is metal painted with acrylics. His wig is handmade specifically for him out of wool and wire with pompoms at the end and on his hat. His head is ball jointed and can swivel in any direction. He has glass eyes. He stands about 12 inches tall from the base to the tip of his hat.


Transition OOAK Artdoll


One of a Kind Artdoll by Debbie Weimert aka DayDreamerDebbie. Mixed media. Head and hand are sculpted out of Cosclay polymer clay. He has wool hair. The cocoon like body is a small piece of driftwood. Base is wooden and painted with green acrylic paint. He is 5 inches tall including the base.



Shipping will be calculated and buyer will be invoiced separately.

Humpty Dumpty OOAK Artdoll

Going to See the King

My version of Humpty Dumpty


He is 9 inches tall including his hat. Humpty Dumpty’s head and feet are sculpted out of Creative Paper Clay. His hands are sculpted out of Cosclay polymer clay which makes them flexible and not easily broken. He has a strong wire armature in his body. He can be gently posed but prefers to stay in this position. His clothes have been hand sewn just for him. The pants are vintage velveteen that have been died darker with acrylic paint. His tie is silk and has a golden crown charm as a tie pin. He wears a vintage straw hat has been painted to match his pants. He has a leather belt and cute saddle shoes. He also wears a leather bracelet. He holds his walking stick. The horsehead on this cane is what I think is Bakelite. I found it at a flea market and do not know what it was originally. But it just seemed to go with Humpty Dumpty when I put the wooden dowel in it. He stands on a wooden base.



Harmeni OOAK Artdoll

Meet "Harmeni of the Forest Nymphs".

She is a mixed media artdoll with a paper clay head, driftwood body, branch arms, leather skirt, gourd hat and wool for her hair.

She is 7 inches tall (10 inches including the stem on her hat).




Green Geisha OOAK Artdoll

"Green Geisha Girl"

Mixed Media and found objects. Doll head and hands are sculpted out of Premo polymer clay mix of beige and white. Painted with Genesis heat set paints and made to look like the Japanese Gofun dolls. The “body” is a small green umbrella. Umbrella is stamped with alcohol ink butterflies. Under the umbrella has been covered with fabric that has a floral and fan Asian print. Ribbon was added on the ribs of the umbrella. Lace was added around the bottom of the umbrella. Main base is an Acrylic pour painting on an 8 x 8 canvas panel. Wooden base is attached to the canvas panel so the umbrella can slide onto a tubing. Fan attached to the Geisha’s neck area is hand

made in the Philippines by the Ati tribe. Hair is made from a tassel and butterflies attached. Butterflies are vintage. The doll is 21.5 inches tall (including the hair).

Doll can be displayed with the umbrella opened or closed.



Meet "Audelia the child of Noble Strength". She comes from a long line of women warriors. She is 5 inches tall. Her head is sculpted out of polymer clay. She has wool hair and glass eyes. Her body is a wooden spin top. Her armor is antique dresser drawer handles. She is always ready to protect those she loves.


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