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"Dragon Dreaming"

10x10 acrylic paint pour on canvas with a dragon attached. Dragon is sculpted out of Cosclay polymer clay.

$110 price includes shipping


"Dragon's Cave"

Acrylic paint pour on 14 x 11 canvas. Swipe and blow affect. Beautiful vibrant colors.

$75 price includes shipping


"Green Dragon"

Acrylic paint pour on 10 x 8 canvas.

Dragons love to blend in with their surroundings. Can you find the dragon on this? His steamy breath is silver.

$55 price includes shipping


“Memories of a Shirt”

10 x 8 Acrylic Paint Pour Swipe

Red, black and white colors rippling across the canvas.

Reminds me of a shirt my mother wore when I was a girl.

Red button is attached to the top left corner of the canvas.

$45 price includes shipping


“Sun Flares”

Acrylic Paint Pour on 10 x 8 canvas. 

Bright burst of colors with gold emphasis.

$65 price includes shipping


"Fire Dragon"

Acrylic paint pour dip on 5.5 x 4 ceramic plaque.

Can be hung on wall. 

$40 price includes shipping



Acrylic paint pour on a vinyl 45 record. Golden colored button attached to the center. Felt on the back. Hangs on the wall. Beautiful bright colors.

$45 price includes shipping


"Green Dragon Bridled"

Acrylic dirty paint pour on a 14 x 11 canvas. 

Can you find the dragon?

$65 price includes shipping


"Through the Fire Dragon"

Acrylic paint dirty pour on a 8 x 10 canvas.

Dragon was enhanced to make him show up better.

Bright colors with gold.

$55 price includes shipping